"Don't go into the water of Voice Overs without a KILLER VOICE DEMO."

Dave DeAndrea is not just a Voicey Award Winning Professional Voice Actor, he's also a Voice Seeker and 25 + year radio and production veteran. He knows what goes into a demo to make it stand out. Whether you're new to the Voice Over business or you've been at it for years, Dave will bring out your very best with scripts to fit your style, coaching and full production at an affordable price.
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Answers to some frequently asked questions about


Q: What's your process for demo production?

A: Basically, what I like to do is hear a few samples from the talent and evaluate them. If you're ready to have a demo made (you don't want to do one before you're professionally ready), then we figure out which type of demo you'd like to do. I get some scripts together that highlight your strengths and I coach you through it…usually via email, SKYPE, ISDN, SourceConnect, or over the phone. When the voice parts are all perfect, then I produce.

Q: Do you do it on-site or remotely?

A: For most people, a trip to the beautiful Southern Oregon coast where the KILLERVOICEDEMOS.COM studios are is, well...inconvenient. It’s also unnecessary. You will need to have your own, quality sounding home studio or access to one nearby. Work will be delivered via FTP or email.

Q: Do you do much coaching during the production?

A: I will provide as much direction as is needed to draw the very best out of you and, when required, work your acting muscles to help you realize new vocal possibilities.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Well, it varies. It’s a bit of a slower process than situations where you sit down with a coach or producer for an afternoon in a studio and bang it all out. I like to showcase a person’s range and variety, and so I like to give the talent the freedom to do a particular script when their voice and mood are best suited for that read. For example, reads that need a lower tone can come more naturally first thing in the morning for some, so I encourage them to do it then. For others, an up-tempo read may be best voiced mid-day. I realize that this is not often a luxury that we have when actually doing a demo or a job, but again, we’re getting the best out of your voice on every segment within the demo, so we take the time to make it perfect.

Q: When do I pay and how?

A: I require half down in advance and the balance upon completion. You may pay via PAYPAL (add 4% to total to cover PAYPAL expenses) or by check.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at davedeandrea@gmail.com